Various clubs

For the development of the scholastic and non- scholastic skills like Stage- Management, Team-work, Organization and Independent Working, several clubs have been launched in the campus. Besides, they nurture the personal and intellectual growth of the students for meaningful lives, productive careers and responsible citizenship in a global society. These clubs also help students acquaint themselves with the novel schemes of learning available. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support.The responsibility of organizing competitions for students for national festivals and important days is another major task handled by the clubs. Sometimes two or more clubs join together to organize a mega event like Mock Job Interviews, Exhibitions, Blend PPTs on 3Rs ( Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) etc. Basically, each club has members from B Tech and Diploma and has the structure of one Faculty Ambassador and from students one President and one Secretary, one Treasurer and a couple of Coordinators.


It is principally an initiation to bring in awareness among the students and staff of the college about the environment and its protection. The various activities undertaken include Swacch Bharat, Tree Plantation, Raising Awareness on “Water Conservation”, Vanam Kosam Manam, Blend PPTs on 3Rs, Energy Conservation Competition in Schools, providing birds with water and grain etc.

2) EQUINOX–The English Club

The prime objective of this club is to bring in a holistic development through the LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) skills among the students. It intends to train the students seeking language and communication skills. With English becoming the ‘Career Tongue’, an opportunity is created to enhance the English knowledge of the students.

3) Orators' Club

The club aims at improving the oratorical skills among the students that make them stand tall in situations demanding public speaking. It is a prospect for the students to spearhead any situation they face and voice out their emotions, feelings and concerns on any subject matter.
It has members from B Tech and Diploma and has the structure of one Faculty Ambassador, one President and one Secretary, one Treasurer and couple of Coordinators.
Faculty-in-charge: Mr. K.Sreenivasulu (Assistant Professor of English, Dept. of H&S)


READERS’ & WRITERS’ CLUB: With a zeal and zest to improve random reading skills amongst the students, the Readers’ Club is launched, which relentlessly focuses on conducting activities based on reading skills. A library with famous and interesting books adds colour to the club.
Faculty-in-charge: Mr. D. Ravi Kiran Assistant Prof of English, Dept. of H&S

5) Wings Cell


The college has established an exclusive women’s cell WINGS (Women’s Intellect for Nurturing the Growth and Strength) to cater to the needs of the girls and women- faculty members on the campus and to give them a voice to speak about their strengths and needs. Events related to Women- Empowerment, Health & Nutrition etc are held on a regular basis as a measure to assure girls that they are no less achievers. Eminent women speakers in and around Kurnool share their experiences with the girls. Counselling is provided to all girl students through this channel too.



CONVENER : Mrs. G. Alekhya, Asst.Prof, CSE Dept.
STAFF COORDINATORS : Mrs. G.SAI BAVANI, Asst.Prof, CE Dept. Ms. P. Nishma Sree, Asst.Prof, EEE Dept. Mrs. V. Pushpalatha, Asst.Prof, ECE Dept. Ms. A. Jyothi, Asst.Prof, CSE Dept. Mrs. M. Lakshmi Devi, Asst.Prof, H&S Dept.
September Month : Inauguaration of WINGS.
October Month : Visit by Dr. Madhuri,Professor,Pharmaceutical Analysis, CESCOP, on importance of Yoga
November Month : Nutrition Day-tips of their health and well being by Dr. Naga Sudha,Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, CESCOP
February Month : National women’s day celebration P.Ambhika Rani on Entrepreneurship
March 8th 2023 : Women’s day celebration.
April Month : Valedictory of Wings for the year 2022-2023